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Repurpose Blog Posts into Video

Not every blog needs to be updated into a video, but there are several very specific blogs that should be converted. Why? Because video is what captures the short attention span of a potential client or customer - quickly.

turn blog posts into marketing videos

As you scan through your blog posts, you're looking for stories, examples and photos that you can use to turn into these three video topics:

1. Why?

This topic will build brand awareness and help your audience get to know you. What makes you and your brand different and unique...or better?

2. How?

This topic demonstrates the value you offer clients, for example, how you can help them. If someone watched your Why? video, they will also want to know how your product or solution helps. Get specific with how their life will be better - but do it quickly, within 1-2 minutes.

3. What?

This topic is all about what your offer or solution is. It is different than the How? - How? addresses value they will gain, for example, more time freed up or better data. The What? is all about the product or your service...the solution that brings them the promised value in the How? video.

Your videos might not use all of the content from your blog post. Your main goal is to deliver relevant material to help answer the questions above, keeping them at a 1- or 2-minute limit. To pack the most value in each video, cut introductions and instead display text or titles in the lower third of the video.

Have you noticed that these three videos follow a logical pattern for potential clients or customers? First is the Why, then the How, then the What. That's because people come to your website, or are introduced to your brand at different parts of the buying process. They might be browsing and looking for information, or they might be looking at how to solve a problem. Others might even be ready to buy and want to know more about your solution or product.

Each video is very specific, and has a different purpose.

You can use these videos on your website, in your social media, and in emails.

But you don't want to just throw it up and hope it works. Instead, you need a plan to reach the right potential audience at the right time. That's where a 'Video Funnel' comes in.

Easy enough for email - setup automated emails to reach newsletter subscribers and send the videos in order. Even on your website, you can put the videos on the pages that logically make sense.

But a Video Funnel is particularly effective on Social Media. Read more about creating a video funnel for Facebook Audiences here: Creating a Video Funnel

Ready to get started with Video? Head over to your blogs and get to it!

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