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Facebook Changing News Feed, Business Pages Taking The Hit

Last night Facebook announced it is changing IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS how our business pages show in feeds.

Facebook was testing moving business Pages into the Explore tab where no posts were shown in the news feed, but this is slightly different. Not everything is moving to the Explore tab, your Page posts will still appear in News Feed - but drastically less will be shown.

What's Happening

  • Facebook's news feed has become cluttered, and in an attempt not to lose users to other social media platforms, Facebook is showing more friends & family posts, and less business Page posts

  • Pages making posts that people generally don't react (like, comment, share) will see ALL of their page posts decrease in distribution/visibility

  • Pages that have interactive conversations (lots of comments back and forth) will see less of an effect. But they will still see an effect.

What You Should Do

  • Look at the type of posts you do on your business Page. Posts that generally have comments and interaction, keep doing it. Posts that don't get comments and interaction, stop posting those. So, if your blog content posted on your business Page don't get much interaction, stop doing it. If your behind-the-scenes funny videos get lots of interactions, keep doing those.

  • Boost posts and use ads to get your content seen. Facebook didn't announce any changes to their paid model.

More info from Social Media Examiner here:

More info from Marketing Dive here:

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