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Get Listed on Google Maps

Why do you want to be on Google Maps?

Because Google Search Results show local listings above regular organic listings.

In this example, we searched for 'AC Repair Mesa':

search results with google maps

Before we jump into HOW to get listed, let's look at the requirements:

  1. Consistent NAP - Name, Address, Phone Number

  2. Google gmail email address

Consistent NAP - Name, Address, Phone Number

According to Google, Honest Air LLC isn't the same company as Honest Air AC. That's why it's important to use your company name exactly the same everywhere online.

Another interesting tidbit: 123 Eastmark Parkway isn't the same as 123 Eastmark Pkwy. And Suite 12 isn't the same as Ste 12 which isn't the same as Ste #12. Consistency is key.

So at this point, I probably don't have to tell you, (555) 123-4567 isn't the same as 555-123-4567, which isn't the same as 555.123.4567. Getting the picture?

Google Gmail Email Address

This isn't really a biggie, just remember that all of your Google tools link together (Analytics, Adwords, My Business, etc.) so setting this up with the same email you use for the others is, well, less of a headache.


Head to this URL to get started:

STEP 1 - Add Your Business NAP

STEP 2 - Add Your Service Area

STEP 3 - Confirm & Verify Your Business

STEP 4 - Setup Your MY BUSINESS Page

It's important here to finish your setup with pictures, website URLs, hours, phone number, and any other information to get your profile 100% complete.

At this point, while you are waiting for your postcard to be mailed to you, you will see the red bar at the top of your account each time you login to

When you receive your postcard, click on the button in the red bar to enter the code that was mailed to you, and finish your verification process. Once done, you will see the green checkbox pictured next to your name (also shown below - this image was edited for demonstration purposes).

STEP 5 - Setup Your New Google+ Page

Scroll down from your My Business info until you see the red G+ circle.

Click on it and you will be taken to your new G+ account, where you can complete your profile, add pictures and business information, and start posting to this social media account.

STEP 6 - Wait for Postcard - Verify Business

When you receive your Google My Business postcard in the mail, head back to and verify your business by clicking on the button in the red bar and entering your code.

Congratulations! Your business is now listed on Google Maps! But there is always more to digital marketing. If you would like to find out how to rank higher and compete near the top of Google's Local 3-Pack on the search engine results, read more.

Quick Note about IPhone / Apple Maps

Wonder why you're listed on Google maps, but nowhere to be found when you search on your iphone? The iphone maps app has no connection to Google Maps. Head over to to add your own profile to get listed on iphone maps app (Apple Maps) for free.

Apple maps also pulls data from Yelp, Tomtom, Factual, etc. Don't forget to claim your listings there and start getting positive Yelp reviews to help boost your iphone Apple Maps rankings.

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