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Non-Profits & Social Media

Can we dive in and talk specifically about non-profits? Specifically the content that resonates with best with a non-profit audience? Because while we talk about the importance of compelling content, it's even more crucial in the realm of non-profits.

Why do you exist? What do you do?

Compelling content starts with the written words. What is the why of the organization? What is the mission? Who are you helping - and why do they need help? Let me give you an example. If a non-profit organization has the name baby in it, and pictures of cute babies, you might assume it's for children. And you'd probably be correct.

But why would I give your organization money? What makes you different that the other organization that helps babies?

When an organization can say "We're a diaper bank, raising money and diapers for babies whose families are in crisis," now you get it. But even better, adding why dry diapers are so very important. What rashes and infections can happen when babies wear a wet diaper for 24 hours at a time? What if a family has to decide between spending money on diapers or food? Painting a clear picture through the statement of why an organization exists has a stronger bond with donors...and their wallets.

Think about this in terms of social media. Take the time to fill out your organization's profile and use the profile and other pictures to convey your organization's mission.

What do your pictures say?

Compelling content also means visuals. Social media is all about the pictures, videos and behind-the-scenes. But really, does anyone want to see your board members looking at spreadsheets in the boardroom? Or do they want to see pictures of smiling, happy babies that have dry diapers? Or volunteers interacting with diaper donations, running a 5k fundraiser, or having fun stocking shelves with a local company that donated their time?Yes, board members work hard - I've served on non-profit boards, believe me, board members work hard! But donors want to see the positive impact in visuals that tug at the heart-strings, that bring smiles and a sense that the money they donate will bring goodness to those in need. Help show them through pictures what can be accomplished with their donation.

Where is your donate button?

Once you have someone hooked with your why and your visuals (they are now *compelled* to donate), don't make it hard for them to help you. Put a donate button right on the homepage of your website. No clicking on the navigation to find it, no scrolling and looking. Make it easy. (Of course, you could have a page with a donate button -- but do both. The easy button, and the click-to-read-more-about-donations-page).

In terms of social media, if you've taken the time to convince a donor to donate to you, depending on the platform, there may or may not be a donate button in your profile. If they are forced to click through to your website, that's already one click...don't make it any harder to find out how to donate by hiding your button behind more clicks.

See you in the social sphere!

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