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Are You Ignoring Your Website?

Most people forget updating your website is part of digital marketing.

With so much attention focused on keeping up-to-date with your social media, don’t forget that your website needs love, too. Are you...

  • Adding new blog posts

  • Updating a menu

  • Adding awards

  • Adding new client reviews

  • Updating an events page

  • Adding new pictures/projects to your online portfolio

Chances are you’re doing this on social media, so head over to your website and make it a part of your digital marketing updates.

Digging Deeper with Website Updates

Wouldn’t it be great if we could build a website and never touch it again? Trouble is, that’s never how it works. In addition to adding the new things that are happening with your business and adding them to your website (mentioned above), there are even more things you can be doing to improve your website.

If customers call and ask the same questions over and over, chances are you’re not answering their question online. Address it.

If you have a physical location, add a map on the home page. Make sure customers can easily find you.

If new products are constantly being added, make sure there’s a quick way to see what’s new. Take the time to review your google analytics and look for:

  • What are people searching for? Do you need to add that info to your blog, or add a new product to your store?

  • How much time are they spending on your page? Did they leave right away because they couldn't find your contact info with out scrolling or clicking to 3 more pages?

  • Are they clicking to the next page? Or is your navigation too confusing?

Spring Cleaning

Once or twice a year, review those things that don’t change. Are they really up-to-date?

Contact Info…

  • Did you add a new store location?

  • Did you change the phone number?

  • Did you start using a 9 digit zip code?

About Us…

  • Did you add new team members to management?

  • Did you receive awards that should be mentioned here?

  • Did you celebrate a milestone important enough to celebrate with everyone?

Consistency between all your digital marketing channels is key. Not only should you look at your website when you’re spring cleaning, but check all your online company descriptions and logos and make sure they match. Facebook should match your website should match your Pinterest profile should match your LinkedIn, etc.

Is it time to update your website?

See you in the social sphere!

Digital Marketing Strategy
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