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Best Practices - Pinterest for Business

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Customers are very visual, and with Pinterest it's all about the pictures. Every picture has a link, leading back to the source of the image. See it, like it, buy it. Recent studies are shoing millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram.

If your customers are easily influenced by the latest, hip and cool products, your business should be on Pinterest. If your business is in crafts, health, food or fashion, your customers will be on Pinterest, making this your social media platform of choice.

Top 5 Pinterest Best Practices

why choose pinterest for business

  1. Create a business account and confirm your website. Your logo will be added to any Pin that comes from your site.

  2. Use keywords in your board names, and in the caption for each pin. If keywords aren’t in the caption, add a hashtag.

  3. Make Pins link back to your products, so that you can get more referral traffic. If you're repinning content, make sure that it goes to a reputable source.

  4. Show off important boards at the top of your profile, such as new products, or boards with most repins.

  5. Take time to respond when followers comment on your pins. Conversations are important in any social media platform, and Pinterest is no exception.

Even More...

Don’t use short links on Pinterest…they commonly get flagged as spam.

Use secret boards as a draft to make sure new boards are ready for prime time before making them public.

Don’t just pin your own stuff. You can tell a bigger story by adding Pins from others.

Create group boards and invite people who love your brand to post Pins — they’ll appreciate the attention and the opportunity to contribute their ideas.

Use high-quality images - ones that are well-composed and in focus. Plus, go for taller Pins - vertical Pins look better on mobile screens.

Fans will make it clear what material they want to see with their repins, comments, and likes. Provide them with more of the content they want.

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