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Best Practices - Facebook for Business

Facebook has become the most widely-used social network to date. With over 700 million daily users, why shouldn’t you use Facebook?

If you’re planning to engage on this platform, be prepared to do the following 5 things consistently.

Using Facebook for Business

Top 5 Facebook Best Practices

  1. Post consistently: the more you post, the more Google search visibility your brand has.

  2. Use images and videos: posts with photos get 39% more engagement, while video posts are getting more organic reach than any other type of post on Facebook.

  3. Add a link: when showcasing products or promotions, always include a link in your post so your audience doesn’t have to search you out to view more about it.

  4. Engage & Respond: users expect things to happen much faster on social channels - even faster than email. Take the time to respond, and don’t ever let your fans feel like they’ve been forgotten.

  5. Use Insights: easily find out what content your audience cares most about by viewing your insights. What posts had the most interaction, shares and likes? What did they like least? Use this information to keep relevant with your audience.

Even More...

Leverage your Profile Pic and Cover Photo, making sure your logo appears in at least one of them. Your cover photo should speak to your brand, but not be overdone with too much text or low-quality images. Social media experts agree, changing your cover photo every month or so as new promotions come and go, and as holidays arrive is a good practice.

Post timing is important. Find out what time of day your fans are most active and post during those times.

Verify your page with Facebook to show up higher in results.

Stay credible with proper grammar, spelling and fact checking. A huge part of your brand is built on trust, and the foundation of that trust is your credibility.

Use scheduling to your advantage. If you’re up late Monday night, but your users aren’t going to be on again until 10am, compose your message, but schedule it for a time your fans are active. Better yet, pick one day each week and schedule out all of the posts for the next 7 days -- ensuring a mix of posts like questions, and photos, and product tips.

Add variety to your facebook posts by making 70% of your posts completely non-promotional, but still keeping them relevant. By changing up the type of posts, you’ll hold your audience attention for longer.

Use video. Included below are the top three best practices for facebook videos:

  • Captivate your audience in the first three seconds without sound; meaning, be visually appealing enough that users will stop and press the volume button.

  • Create that call-to-action Facebook allows you to create that will appear at the end of the video. You can insert any link, a landing page, your blog etc.

  • Your video should be able to speak for itself without volume. Does the main message come across? Use visuals if necessary to communicate your message.

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