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Best Practices - Google +

Creating campaigns for G+ can result in a higher ranking in search results. Google crawls its own platform more regularly than your website, which means sharing information here can get it indexed faster.

If you’re planning to engage on this platform, be prepared to do the following 5 things consistently.

Top 5 Google+ Best Practices

  1. Create and optimize your company page: verify your page and claim your custom URL, then keep images, reviews, and content up-to-date.

  2. Post frequent updates: the more you post, the more Google search visibility your brand has.

  3. Solicit reviews for your products: the more current reviews you have, the higher you are likely to appear within Google local search results.

  4. Respond: if a follower takes the time to ask a question, come to you for help, or even just share something, engage and respond to them. Don't ever leave them hanging.

  5. Participate in G+ Communities: add to the discussion, ask questions and be human. Prefer to moderate the community? Create your own and guide the conversation wherever you’d like.

Even More...

The most engaging rich media on the network are beautiful photos, inspiring videos and informative charts and infographics.

Treat your posts like a mini blog and add a keyword rich title. Use asterisks at each end to make it bold.

Keep your summary close to 159 characters and you’ll have exactly three lines of text, which ensures that most people will see the whole thing without having to click Read More.

Hashtags are a great tactic to get added exposure to users beyond just your followers.

Formatting text options are available on Google+:

_Italic Text_ = Italic Text *Bold Text* = Bold Text *_Italic and Bold Text_* = Italic and Bold Text -Strikethrough Text-

Don’t be afraid to link to other blogs or share other people’s posts. In fact, a good rule to follow is 80% content that is not promotional (including content from someone else) and 20% that speaks to what you do.

When you do share other people’s posts, add your own insights or opinions to increase your authority, as well as the chance that others will take the time to read what you share and engage with you.

See you in the social sphere!

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