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Best Practices - LinkedIn

When used correctly, LinkedIn can be a great platform for Social Media and engaging potential customers and clients.

If you’re planning to engage on this platform, be prepared to do the following 5 things consistently.

Top 5 LinkedIn Best Practices

  1. Optimize your company page: Use high-quality banner images and a keyword rich compelling description.

  2. Post frequent updates: For best engagement, post once every business day.

  3. Solicit reviews for your products: from people you know well and who know your products.

  4. Respond: respond to your posts, reviews, and questions. If a user leaves a product review, thank them. If they have a complaint, address it.

  5. Participate in Groups: join groups and participate in discussions to exhibit thought leadership in your industry.

Even More...

Showcase Pages

Use targeted LinkedIn Showcase Pages that branch off your main Company Page. Think of them as extensions of your main Company Page that allow you to promote specific products or cater to your individual marketing personas, providing a more personalized experience for your Company Page visitors.

LinkedIn users can follow specific Showcase Pages without having to follow a company's main page or its other Showcase Pages, allowing your business to tailor the page closely to the audience specific to the page.

Follow Competitors

Follow your competitors' pages and watch for their news, updates, and changes. It can help you see when competitors are changing strategies or taking a new direction.

Email your LinkedIn Group

One of the perks of creating and managing a LinkedIn Group is the fact that you can email the members of your group -- up to once per week. These emails take the form of LinkedIn Announcements, which are messages sent directly to the email inboxes of group members (if they've enabled messages from groups in their settings).

This is a prime opportunity for generating leads from LinkedIn, particularly if you've built up a robust group of users.

Pay Attention to the Structure of your Post

Titles: Keep link titles under 70 characters; any more than 70 characters gets cut off when posted on your page.

Descriptions: Be helpful and friendly, not sales-y. Keep link descriptions under 250 characters; any more than 250 gets cut off with a ….

Timing: Updates in the morning usually earn highest engagement, with a slight bump again after business hours.

Images: According to QuickSprout, posting images results in a 98% higher comment rate.

Videos: According to QuickSprout, linking to YouTube videos results in a 75% higher share rate.

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