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How Often Should Content + Social Media Be Updated?

How much time do you have?

Because if you don't have time to post 2-3 times a day to your social media, that's ok. Want to know a secret? You can post less and be more effective. The real success of social media lies in your engagement. And I'm not talking just about how many comments, retweets, repins, +1's, shares and likes your fans give you.

The success of your social media relies on how much YOU engage on those same social media platforms.

#1: Post once a week minimum on each Social Media platform. Write one blog (keep it keyword-based).

#2: Make sure you're posting content your fans and followers want to see. How will you know? They will comment, or like, or +1, or repin, retweet, or share.

#3: Engage with your audience. If someone comments on a FB post, like it. Better yet, reply. If someone retweets your content, send them DM and thank them. If you see a +1, repin, or share, look to see if it's someone you should be following.

You know those groups you joined on LinkedIn? Comment in them, and not with just your own posts. Take the time to offer feedback, join the discussion, and get to know what the group members know. (If you're on LinkedIn and not participating in groups - start immediately).

The same goes for Google+ communities. Actively comment, post, and interact in a friendly way (not salesy, no one joined the group to be sold to).

Take the time to comment on other Facebook posts, interact with other Twitter users, comment on Instagram or Pinterest pics. Read AND COMMENT on others blog posts.

Your interaction should be part of your Social Media and content updates.

Plan to spend 20 minutes a day.

  • Pick one day of the week to interact on one Social Media platform, and another day for the second platform, etc. (But be sure to respond to direct inquiries immediately).

  • Pick one day of the week to write a blog.

  • Pick one day of the week to setup posting of your own content to Social Media, using a tool like MavSocial to pick dates throughout the week to automatically post.

See you in the social sphere!

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