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What Twitter and Pinterest Have in Common

On the outset, it may look like Pinterest and Twitter don't have much in common. Twitter is short quick messages, a way for friends, family, colleagues to stay connected. Pinterest is all about the pictures and collecting them together to tell a story or create inspiration. It's a personalized media platform for you, the user, to collect things.

So what do they have in common?

Both are all about the search and find.

This is important for organizations who use (or want to use) Twitter and Pinterest to help spread their message and introduce their brand.

Pinterest and Twitter Search

Pinterest and Twitter are amazing social spaces to share your brand, but how do people find you? With LinkedIn, they look for your business name. With Facebook, they find you because their friends have reposted or mentioned you. But in Pinterest and Twitter, you get found because of their search bar.

Use Keywords in Posts

Users in Pinterest have their home feed set to certain people and a few favorite boards, but when they want to find something new, or they're looking for something specific, it's all about the search function. Pinterest has an elaborate search setup, you can look for pins, pinboards, or people with the terms you choose. So it makes sense to include your keywords in the description, and hashtags. Please use hashtags.

Hashtags should sound familiar if you've been using Twitter. Why? Because with so many users and so much information, hashtags allow people to search for tweets that have a common topic. As a business, that means it's a way for you to be found. Twitter users rely heavily on search. Just like Pinterest.

Your Name Is Important

Which brings us to another important matter.

Your name.

Pinterest users can search by pin, board, or pinner. But what if they search for all the companies who do xyz? Adding that xyz after your company name can make the difference between being found, or left in the dust while your competitors are grabbing more of the Pinterest social sphere.

For example, if your name is NOW You See Me, you'll want to change it to display as NOW Digital Marketing Strategies, or NYSM Online Marketing. Put your recognizable logo in the profile picture, and put what you do in the name.

Not just for Pinterest, this naming technique works in Twitter, too. Your @name doesn't have to match your display name. If you do one thing to improve your social media campaigns today, set what you do in that display name.

See you in the social sphere!

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