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Easily Get More Reviews with a Custom Google Review Link

There is an EASY way to get more Google business reviews (you know, those things you need to get higher ranker in Google Local Search):

Ask your customers to review your business.

Yes, it’s that easy.

A few days after they’ve used your service, or a week after you ship a product to them, or after their equipment is installed…you get the idea…send a quick email.

Ask them how their new hairstyle/family photos/air conditioner is doing, how they are doing, and…most importantly…would they be willing to review your business online? Then give them your link.

First, you must be listed on Google Maps. If you're not already listed, start here: Get Listed on Google Maps

Next, find your Google Review link: Create a Link for Customer Reviews

If the link is crazy long, use to shorten it.

Cheers to many, many positive Google reviews.

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